Central Police Station Heritage Compound


The former Central Police Station, former Victoria Prison and the former Central Magistracy is one of the oldest heritage compound with the richest Victorian, Edwardian and Oriental architectural style. In 1995, all the buildings including the ground inside the Site were declared monuments under the Antiquities and Monuments Ordinance.

The Government decided in April 2003 to develop the site for tourism use, the tender was scheduled in early 2004. However, public documents revealed that a substantial weighting would be given to land premium

The Conservancy Association sent letters to the authorities concerned in August 2004, urging them to put the tendering process on hold. The Association formed the Central Police Station Heritage Taskforce with The Hong Kong Institute of Architects and other organizations and made known of our views.

CA co-organized the Central Police Station Heritage Compound Open Days with the Tourism Commission, Central and Western District Council and the Hong Kong Institute of Architects in January and February 2005. CA explained the pros and cons of different models of conserving the Compound to the visitors through a set of exhibition boards displayed in Court no. 2 of the Former Central Magistracy.


Former Central Police Station

Former Victoria Prison

Former Central Magistracy